We are committed to making CorebyESQ website accessible to as many different people as possible. We want our learners and anyone who visits our site to enjoy the benefits of good clear communication. We are committed to helping improve accessibility by doing everything we can to make our services easier to use.

We have designed CorebyESQ website, to be informative and accessible to a wide range of users. The accessibility policy applies to learners at all study levels as well as learners not studying for a formal qualification. This includes learners with disabilities or long-term health conditions, whether these have been declared to CorebyESQ or not, learners in restricted or secure environments and students who face accessibility issues due to other circumstances and/or conditions.

Although we aim to anticipate accessibility needs, it is recognized that, owing to the scope of accessibility requirements, there may be occasions where specific needs may not have been anticipated. In such circumstances, we will be responsive to requests for reasonable adjustments. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this accessibility policy, please let us know by emailing: _____________________. This policy informs the development of good practice and provides an underpinning framework for evaluation. We hope you find the content about CorebyESQ easy to find and useful.

Policy Principles

CorebyESQ aims to promote an inclusive environment by:

Identifying and removing or minimizing, barriers to effective study over which we have a degree of control.

Be receptive to students with accessibility needs and work in partnership with them in the design, development and evaluation of accessible resources and services.

Maintain an inclusive, supportive, positive and proactive culture in which each learner is treated as an individual with a unique combination of needs, without placing undue emphasis on the conditions from which these needs arise.

 Ensure that we do not discriminate unlawfully against or treat unfairly, any learner or enquirer based on their accessibility needs.

Provide effective and accessible training, guidance and support to faculty members on accessibility.

Provide a confidential, supportive and positive environment in which students and enquirers feel secure to declare their accessibility requirements without fear of being adversely affected.

Address adjustments, issues and complaints around learner accessibility needs, in line with existing procedures.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at CorebyESQ

Policies are inclusive of all CorebyESQ learners, enquirers and alumni, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, disability, family status, marital status, marriage and civil partnerships, political opinion, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, socio-economic background, sex or sexual orientation. 

Help With Navigating Our Website

All pages contain a link to the home page by clicking on the CorebyESQ logo or clicking on the home page on the website. A search box has been included to ensure that if navigation is difficult, then the in – built search engine on the website will help users retrace their steps or locate the page they need.

Improving Accessibility

As part of our commitment to improve the level of accessibility within our website, we have recently incorporated a few changes to all aspects of the site. It is our hope that the design, navigation and functionality on the CorebyESQ site will be available and inclusive for all user groups regardless of location, internet experience and type of technology being used.

The website has been developed in line with the priority levels of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines, part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

This section outlines some of the accessibility features that we have provided for users and guidance on how to use them. Please refer to your web browser and operating system ‘Help’ for their additional accessibility features.


The CorebyESQ website has been optimized to be accessed my majority browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari 2.0. The colour combinations used on the website have been checked to ensure appropriate colour contrast and colour difference.

Alternative Formats

In order to make our website fully accessible, we provide our information in a number of alternative formats. We encourage any users, experiencing problems with our site to email us at ________________ . We will work to solve any issues as a priority and where possible, will respond to individual requests for information in alternative formats.


All text sizes within the content pages and navigation have been set to relative sizes, which can be increased or decreased for more comfortable screen reading. Colours can be changed by users for improved readability. These can be altered in your Web browser.