Scope of Policy

CorebyESQ offers high-quality learning and teaching environment, which supports learners to achieve their full potential in the academic discipline and prepares them for professional life. It is our policy that all applicants are considered primarily on merit and their academic potential.

CorebyESQ’s Admissions Policy is committed to:

Providing transparent, consistent and efficient information.

Selecting applicants based on merit, achievement and academic potential.

Using reliable assessment methods admitting learners to any of the advertised courses.

Minimizing barriers.

Promote admissions processes that enable the fair and equitable treatment of each individual applicant without either direct or indirect discrimination.

Ensure that the criteria by which admissions decisions are made are explicit.

All applicants will be considered for entry on to our programs based on the following criteria:

Prior academic and professional achievements.

Quality of the applicant’s personal statement in support of the application.

Referee’s statement about the applicant.

Admissions criteria

CorebyESQ team is empowered to determine the entry criteria for the admission of learners on any of our programs and will annually confirm the minimum entry requirements for all levels. The general entrance requirements, minimum level of English language proficiency requirements are set and reviewed by CorebyESQ’s Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing team.

Our entry requirements are updated annually considering the constant change in academic requirement. We try as much as possible not to change our entry requirements after our brochure has been released to the public, occasionally late changes are made. The implication of this is that in rare occasions, our entry requirements do not reflect the information in the brochure. We recommend that applicants look at the information in the course listings on our website as the source of the most up‐to‐date information. Applicants should consider the following points:

Details of course specific entry criteria can be found on the program pages on our website. of the University website

CorebyESQ would ordinarily expect an applicant to be in possession of a high school certificate for courses at Undergraduate level and a bachelor’s degree with honours for courses at Postgraduate level. The individual course entry requirements will be published on the program page.  For non-academic courses, the entry requirements will be published on the course page.

All applicants must provide evidence that they possess at least the minimum level of English Language proficient as set by the CorebyESQ’s Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing team.

All applicants, who have alternative qualifications or work experience they wish to have assessed, may be considered on a case by case basis.

Note, entry criteria to some of our programs, require applicants to meet additional non-academic conditions. This will apply on a case by case basis. Where such conditions are required, will be provided in the program page on our website.


CorebyESQ aims to select applicants who are likely to succeed academically and gain from the provision available. Our selection criteria ensure:

  • Decisions are fair and consistent in relation to the published entry criteria
  • We consider evidence of a candidate’s potential to succeed on the programme. Where appropriate, admission staff may consider contextual factors in relation to an application
  • We operate a transparent selection process. Selection may be on the basis of an application form (with or without additional required written work or a portfolio) or on application plus audition/interview. Candidates are entitled to know in advance of an interview what the process will be
  • We communicate in a timely way with the applicant, advising them on the outcome of their application. The University will communicate via email and Surrey Self-Service
  • The University of Surrey will take into account compliancy requirements in regard to external legislation (such as the UKVI requirements) when reviewing an application.

When CorebyESQ receives an applicant’s application, you are likely to receive one of the following responses:

An offer to study

Upon careful consideration of your application, we may offer you a place on your chosen program or an alternative program.

An interview request

Upon review of your application, you may be required to attend an interview with the academic leader to ensure you are a right fit for the course.

A request for more information

Upon review of your qualification, you may be required to provide additional information to support your application such as copies of your previous qualifications or Curriculum Vitae.

A rejection

Upon review of your application, you may not be offered a place on the program. Unfortunately, not all applications we process are successful in gaining entry on to the program. In certain instances, we may consider you for an alternative course.

What to do when you receive an offer?

Upon receipt of an offer letter from CorebyESQ, you will be required:

Accept you offer.

Pay deposit within deadline if the course requires same.

If you do not accept your offer within the stipulated timeline in your offer letter, the spot may be made available to other applicants.

Response times

We aim to process all applications within two (2) months. Kindly note, a final decision may take longer if we need to request further information or your course requires an interview. We encourage you to read our course entry requirements prior to submitting your application in order to make sure you have submitted all relevant information.

Applicants with disabilities

CorebyESQ is committed to equality of opportunity for all of its students and encourages applications from learners with disabilities or specific learning difficulties. CorebyESQ ensures that all applicants are considered on the same academic grounds. It is important, however, that applicants with a disability make this known while communicating to us or filling out the application form to ensure we make appropriate arrangements for reasonable adjustments to support their education. There may be procedures involved in determining possible reasonable adjustments and if unable to clearly identify the best reasonable adjustments, CorebyESQ may require further advice or guidance from a health professional.

Applicant conduct

It is important to note that CorebyESQ does not tolerate inappropriate behavior or language towards its employees or other applicants during the admissions process. Inappropriate behavior or language expressed verbally or in writing will be viewed as serious and may have an impact on the consideration of an application, appeal or complaint. Other action that may be taken by CorebyESQ may include withdrawal of an offer or the rejection of an application.

Criminal convictions

CorebyESQ aims to select applicants who are likely to succeed academically and benefit from its programs.  Ordinarily, having a criminal conviction will not deter your from gaining admission on any of our programs.

Failure to disclose any criminal conviction is taken seriously and could result in CorebyESQ withdrawing an existing or subsequent offer of a place or to the termination of any subsequent registration.


In order to firmly accept an offer, you may be required to pay a deposit to secure the spot on the program. The deadline to accept your offer, the amount required as deposit and how to pay your deposit will be highlighted in your offer/admission letter. However, if you pay the deposit after the deadline has passed, you may still be considered for entry, subject to availability of places on the programme.

Disclosure of information

Failure of an applicant, to disclose relevant information or providing false information may result in the place being withdrawn.


CorebyESQ may provide feedback if requested by an applicant. Applicants must note that feedback will only be given directly to them or to a third party upon receipt of a written permission to do same. Applicants should also be aware that it is not in all cases that specific or tailored feedback will be available.


Should you have a complaint regarding the admissions process you may reach out to us via email at _________________ and you will receive feedback as soon as possible.

Monitoring and review

CorebyESQ’s admissions policy is reviewed annually by the relevant teams and all updates will be accessible on our website.