CorebyESQ provides an inclusive approach to learning.  We believe that learners should be treated with respect by course mates, faculty members and support staff. In return, we ask that all learners treat our team and other learners with respect. All learners are expected to adhere to the code of conduct and a breach of this code may lead to a learner being removed from accessing the online content and courses on our platform.

The learner code of conduct is to set out expectations for learner behaviour and the procedures that CorebyESQ will use to resolve matters when this is learners’ behaviour is unacceptable.


Our code of conduct applies to:

Learners enrolled on our online, blended and distance learning programs.

A learner is any individual enrolled on a CorebyESQ program, this includes:

An individual attending any of our certification or degree programs.

An individual enrolled on any of our Non – certification programs.

An individual attending our seminars or trainings.

CorebyESQ asks that:

Given that our courses are attended by learners across the globe, respect others, regardless of culture, ability, race, gender, age or sexual orientation. 

You are courteous and respectful at classes or training sessions. 

You show a positive commitment to your own development and learning. 

You show respect for another learners’ development. 

You attend and arrive punctually to classes or training sessions you are scheduled to attend.

You co-operate with other learners, faculty members and support staff at CorebyESQ.

You understand that your progress may be different from another learner’s progress.

You understand that you must submit all assignments, attempt all exams and attend group sessions or other learning activities as may be required by the faculty member.

In the case of in-person classes or trainings, you take care of equipment, facilities and buildings and show respect for the property of others. 

You do not plagiarize or collude with any learner or third party.

You take notice and care of your own health and safety and respect for the well-being of other learners.


Below are examples of behaviour which are considered as misconduct and may result in a learner being denied access to online content or courses on our platform;

Failure to follow health and safety regulations.

Conduct which prevents, obstructs, or disrupts teaching and learning programs.

Plagiarism and Collusion.

Failure to follow the instructions and requests of a faculty member in learning activities.

Disorderly behaviour or the use of bad or abusive language towards learners, faculty members or support staff. 

Interfering with the software belonging to or used by CorebyESQ for its classes and training sessions.

Behaviour or language which is racially or sexually offensive, or which is offensive to those with disabilities. We must respect the beliefs of other learners, faculty members or support staff.

Misuse or unauthorized distribution of intellectual property belonging to the CorebyESQ or its affiliates, which includes program content and digital course material. 

Below are examples of gross misconduct;

Violence or a threat of violence to learners, faculty members and support staff. 

Any activity categorized as illegal whilst attending a training or assessment event. 

Failure to follow health and safety instructions that may cause or have caused serious injury. 

Disciplinary Procedure

Except in circumstances which are considered acts of gross misconduct, in the first instance, a representative of CorebyESQ will bring the issue or complaint to the attention of the learner and discuss actions to prevent further issues. If such behaviour persists and continues to be unacceptable or disruptive to others, they may be denied access to online content and courses on our platform. In the event of violence or threat of violence to learners, faculty members or support staff, CorebyESQ will be required to report to the relevant authorities.

In the case of gross misconduct, the learner will be immediately expelled and denied access to online content and courses on our platform.