ESQ Trainings Limited is the parent company behind the brand “CorebyESQ”.

ESQ Trainings Limited has over the last decade emerged as the premiere legal educational network in Africa training over 50,000 executives across different industries in Lagos, United Arab Emirates, London and the United States.

ESQ Trainings Limited came into existence as an outcome of relentless joint endeavours by highly dedicated visionaries with rich business, technology and legal experience. ESQ Trainings Limited seeks to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge required between structured practical education and real-world experience. By defining and focusing on the key skills the business, technology and legal industry demands and deliver them in a hands-on setting that produces excellent professionals with the ability to bring real value within the business, technology and legal. ESQ Trainings is fostering a synergy of expertise and providing a unique platform for undergraduate, postgraduate and professionals to horn new skills and apply them in reality in different jurisdictions.

Given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, ESQ Trainings Limited saw an increase in the number of professionals looking to create a self – improvement culture and being at the forefront of providing these services, we have identified that there is a gap in learning especially for business professionals. This is the main reason for the birthing of “CorebyESQ” our self-learning platform and digital university, offering online degrees and certifications in business and technology.