What is the CorebyESQ Merit Scholarship?

At CorebyESQ, we understand the enormous challenges facing underrepresented business professionals and are committed to providing opportunities young business lawyers in

We have in the past assisted hundreds of thousands of students and young professions become better and smarter through our executive education scholarships. Our mission is to provide affordable, convenient and flexible executive education course, top-up undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business, technology and law, Executive MBAs and MBAs. However, cost is often a roadblock and we want to give opportunities to business professionals working towards career growth and development who cannot afford these courses.

Who should apply for the CorebyESQ Merit Scholarship?

If any of these describes you, you should apply:

  1. You are looking for serious transformation in your career, and are willing to put in the hours to accomplish that transformation.


  1. You are able to see beyond the barriers and challenges and are positive about reaching the top of the ladder in the business, technology or legal sector.


  1. You are not afraid of putting in the work.


  1. You embrace any challenge you face and are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed.


  1. You are a self-driven individual that takes the initiative to learn.

Who qualifies for the CorebyESQ Merit Scholarship?

  1. Must be unable to afford the courses being offered by CorebyESQ.


  1. Must be willing to start and complete the course within the course duration, take part in networking sessions, participate in group work & submit assignments timeously.


  1. Must be willing to write at least two articles per week (not less than 1,000 words) relating to your course of study to be published in a public blog of choice and republished on CorebyESQ’s blog.


  1. Must ensure there is no default in delivering the two articles weekly. Failure to adhere at the first default will result in an initial warning, after which if there is a second default, admission will be revoked.


  1. Must in addition, be willing to publicize and market the products and services being offered by CorebyESQ on social networking sites.


Applicants are to note that applications are competitive and only a limited number of qualified applicants will be awarded the scholarship.

What are the next steps?

  1. Fill out the scholarship form below to apply for the scholarship or download and complete the form and send back to us via email at …………… Upon submission, we will start the process of vetting your application.


  1. If we have any follow-up questions regarding your application, we will reach out to you via mail.


  1. You will get an email response from CorebyESQ within a month of submitting your application regarding the outcome of your application.