Advanced Negotiation For Lawyers Training

Webinar date 1 January 1970 6:30 PM
Password: 987461
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Overview This programme provides practical help to enable professional people to grasp the mindset of an expert negotiator. The training is based on applying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to the negotiation process and during the course discoveries will be made as to how to consistently achieve a win-win situation in negotiations. This concentrated and highly practical seminar will enable you to grasp the mindset of an expert negotiator and appreciate the 'innergame' of beliefs and values as they apply to negotiations. You will discover how you can consistently achieve a win-win approach to your negotiations, and significantly increase your confidence and ability in conducting effective negotiations. Participants will benefit from a unique opportunity to acquire vital negotiating skills and test new strategies in a challenging yet supportive environment. Learning objectives Understand how your and values can affect your ability to negotiate effectively Explore the nature of the different types of negotiation from Lose/Lose to Collaboration Discover how to control the actual face to face negotiation using the ‘Deal Making’ Meeting Process Objectively evaluate your negotiating effectiveness Review and enhance your preparation skills Plan negotiation behaviours as an element of strategy development Choose language to advance objectives Develop your repertoire of styles Maintain dialogue in the face of distractions and emotions Break through deadlocks with creativity Know when to walk away