Debt in Distress: How Can Capital Managers React to Emerging Challenges?

Webinar date 15 February 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 461092
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OVERVIEW Many businesses will need to assess their sustainability, seek refinancing, and rethink their business models in the coming months, while investors will need to rethink their investment strategies to take advantage of opportunities. However, the success of any investment strategy is determined by how well it is implemented. As a result of this demand for clarity, this webinar will cover the capital markets, examine the important lessons, and offer practical recommendations to help you improve your investment strategies and get a competitive edge in the debt area. LEARNING OUTCOMES • What is the forecast for turnaround, restructuring, and insolvency activity as fiscal assistance policies are phased out? • How can funds execute an efficient direct lending strategy in such a competitive market, given that direct lending is now the most popular private debt strategy? • According to a recent study of capital market professionals, there is a definite trend toward outsourcing more corporate tasks. So, how can outsourcers make their investment strategy more efficient?