Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Webinar date 31 May 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 990987
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OVERVIEW ERM provides a framework for risk management. By identifying & proactively addressing risks & opportunities, business enterprises protect & create value for their stakeholders & enhance governance. However on occasions risk management is only taken as a hollow gesture to appease without real commitment from the board or senior management. This webinar is to arm internal auditors & risk managers with practical insights to ensure that they enhance their skills to embed an effective enterprise-wide risk management process. Another important concern is how audit may affect risk strategy in order to help management acquire confidence in the organization's ability to manage risks in a rapidly changing environment. 1. Understanding how to assess the Governance Risk management and Compliance (GRC) capability & maturity of your business. 2. How to implement Enterprise GRC Management. 3. Learn how to stimulate improvement at each stage of the Enterprise GRC management process. 4. Assess & prioritize GRC to determine the contribution of each segment to the aggregate risk profile. 5. Discover how to raise risk awareness & embed Enterprise GRC thinking & practice. 6. Understand ‘risk appetite’ & how to communicate it. 7. Balance both GRC threats & opportunities to maximise value to the business. 8. Apply your ERM Process to GRC: a proactive role for internal audit. 9. Understand new & emerging risks & how you can contribute towards mitigation and management. 10. Monitor & review the continual measurement & monitoring of the GRC environment & the performance of the GRC management strategies. 11. Gain insights into current best practice in Enterprise GRC Management. 12. Treat & exploit GRC including the development of strategies for controlling & exploiting the various risks.