Immigration Strategies for Investors & Entrepreneurs

Webinar date 10 March 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 572566
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Entrepreneurship and migration are at the very top of many national and international agendas. It is easy to see why, globally, there are probably a billion entrepreneurs and more than 232 million cross-border migrants. The development impacts of both migrants and entrepreneurs are therefore likely to be substantial. This webinar provides an understanding of the various options available to a foreigner who is interested in investing or setting up a new office of their foreign business in Nigeria. As an investor and/or entrepreneur, you may have a number of immigration options available, but the criteria for these visas are extremely specific and very carefully controlled. Therefore, getting professional advice is essential. This webinar will help attendees to navigate the immigration law essentials and focus on how investors and entrepreneurs can stay in Nigerian in a work authorized status and grow a business. Learning Objectives: 1. The Impact of Immigrant entrepreneurs and professionals on Nigeria’s competitiveness 2. Identify the most common mechanisms available under immigration law to assist foreign nationals in 3. investing in and launching businesses in Nigeria. 4. Investigate unconventional options to assist clients in achieving these goals as soon as possible. 5. Innovative Methods for Creating an Immigration Strategy 6. Immigration considerations for startups 7. Cultural diversity and entrepreneurship in Nigeria: policy responses to immigrant entrepreneurs