International Trade Finance

Webinar date 1 January 1970 6:30 PM
Password: 090020
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Overview If ever a product has changed in the last few years it is this trillion-dollar business. Trade finance is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of lending and it is an important facilitator of international trade by reducing risk and often providing essential finance to either the exporter or importer. Innovative bankers are learning all the lessons of the past and applying them to today’s world of changing commodity prices. As emerging market countries, rich with mineral, ore, energy and agrarian commodities are seeking to do business with the rest of the world, now is the time to add to your knowledge and skill set. The risk management issue is as important as it has ever been as so many deals fail in the graveyard of political risk. In trade finance transactions, account managers are receiving a never- ending array of questions from credit managers who may not be experts in this subject. In fact, banks are rediscovering trade finance and its tremendous benefits to the bottom line. This course opens up the communication channels between credit managers and trade finance managers. During this course, you’ll confront the current issues in international trade finance on a step-by-step basis. You’ll explore all the risks and solutions involved. You will return to work fully aware of the best risk mitigation and internal communication techniques, ready to do business in a safe and prudent manner. On completion of this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of all the key aspects of international trade finance. You will be better equipped to support clients in both a financial and advisory capacity and will have learned skills to improve financial risk management - resulting in lower probability of default, and loss given default What You Will Learn Understanding of payment, negotiation, acceptance, confirmation and deferred payment credits - Knowledge of the ucp-icc 600 rules - International documentation - Stand