Webinar date 1 January 1970 6:30 PM
Password: 696241
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Overview The telecoms industry is a highly regulated and technical sector. Understanding the challenges of negotiating and drafting watertight contracts, on an international level is complex, to say the very least. These contracts can be difficult for even the most well equipped in-house lawyer and more often it is not the lawyers in the driving seat. It is essential that both commercial executives and legal counsel possess the knowledge to ensure that agreements are both within the laws and regulations and protect the commercial interests of the organisation. This programme looks at the key skills needed from both the legal and commercial viewpoints and how they can be integrated. What You Will Learn By attending this seminar, you will: 1 Familiarise yourself with the regulatory framework and other developments 2 Explore the key terms of access and interconnection agreements 3 Find out about the contractual elements of building networks 4 Examine the legal framework for outsourcing communications and facilities management 5 Analyse the rights you need to license to exploit content on mobiles 6 Get-to-grips with consumer contracts and best practice 7 Get up-to-date with competition laws and understand the effect they have on your agreements 8 Grasp the impact of convergence 9 Hear about the legal issues surrounding managed service contracts 10 Access key tools and techniques to deal with disputes in telecoms contracts 11 Understand what it means to be an effective negotiator in telecoms 12 Learn the skills of an advanced negotiator and develop the tools needed for negotiation preparation