Tax Issues in Commercial Property

Webinar date 8 March 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 213077
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OVERVIEW Nigerian property taxes have become increasingly complex in recent years. There are a number of high-risk compliance areas and anti-avoidance provisions that can catch the unwary off guard and prove extremely costly in terms of unforeseen tax liabilities and penalties. By the end of the session, participants should be aware of the major tax issues, both compliance and planning, that are likely to arise on construction projects and property purchases or sales. The key tax cases will be discussed, as well as the tax pitfalls to avoid. In this webinar, our tax specialists will explore a variety of tax issues that commercial real estate practitioners should be aware of, as well as provide solutions. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. The range of taxes that apply to commercial property 2. How different ownership structures impact on tax rates 3. The tax relief available for buildings Structures and buildings allowance Integral plant 4. Leases 5. Premiums 6. Dilapidation provisions 7. Capital gains issues 8. How taxable rental income and relief for finance costs differ for individuals and companies 9. The capital gains rules for non-residents disposing of UK commercial property and land 10. The key VAT principles of property transactions 11. The different rates that apply in different circumstances 12. Option to tax 13. Stamp taxes and key reliefs 14. Any relevant changes in FB 2020 15. Tax issues in commercial property 16. Case law