The World Bank: ICSID- Settlement of Investment Disputes

Webinar date 8 February 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 998856
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OVERVIEW The International Centre for settlement of investment disputes is set to amend its rules and on November 12,2021, the secretariat published its sixth working proposals for rule amendments. This webinar covers the history of ICSID, recent jurisprudence, Intra-EU investment protection, and proposed reforms. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. History of ICSID 2. ICSID as a self-contained arbitration system Consent (treaty, contract, domestic legislation) Substantive protections in a typical investment treaty containing consent to ICSID arbitration Structure of a typical ICSID arbitration proceeding – jurisdiction and annulment Enforcement of ICSID arbitral awards 3. Recent jurisprudence and intra-EU investment protection following the CJEU’S Achmea judgment 4. Proposed reforms