Understanding Green Bonds

Webinar date 1 January 1970 6:30 PM
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OVERVIEW Recognizing the critical role of finance, particularly sustainable finance, in reaching global goals for sustainable development and allowing market participants to act ethically. Sustainable finance techniques and processes are critical for driving people and economies to shift to more sustainable activities, lowering carbon emissions, and allowing people and economies to adapt to the negative effects of climate change. Green bonds are thus an important financial innovation because they are well suited to providing much-needed funding for long-term environmental and social infrastructure essential to construct a low-carbon, resource-efficient, climate-resilient, and inclusive economy. Green bonds can be used to fund programs and assets in renewable energy, sustainable waste and water management, sustainable land use, and transportation, among other areas. This comprehensive green bond course is designed for a variety of individuals who want to gain a broad understanding of how green bonds are used to finance projects with environmental benefits. The course is illustrated with examples from the market, getting you ready to apply the knowledge at work. LEARNING OUTCOMES By completing this course you will be able to: History of green bond market, its evolution and the distinctions between the existing green bonds Overarching rules governing the issuance of green bonds Requirements for issuing a green bond (from inception to maturity) Content and characteristics of a green bond framework Understand the roles and responsibilities of the actors participating in the green bond issuance process e.g. regulators, investors, underwriters, issuers, external reviewers such as rating agencies, stock exchanges, data and index providers and so on. Schemes of Green bond labelling The market dynamics The role of regulation and key policy developments around the world. Processes for Green bond certification Determine current trends as well as prospective future development