Using Environmental Law Tools to Address Global Pandemics

Webinar date 26 April 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 989064
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OVEVIEW The interconnections of the COVID-19 pandemic's natural history will be the topic of this webinar, which will focus on elements connected to environmental law enforcement that have influenced this evolution and how environmental law can also be used as a prevention strategy. The webinar will also explore the importance of ensuring the long-term viability and effectiveness of wildlife trading legislation in order to achieve integrated and healthy ecosystems. Scenarios and responses from the region will be analyzed within the framework of the environmental rule of law. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Ideas to Rethink Our Relationship with Nature in the Face of Wildlife Trafficking and the Pandemic 2. Environmental Rule of Law: Perspectives and Responses 3. Policy Tools to Prevent the Next Pandemic on the Road to Green Reconstruction 4. The crossroads of Human Ecosystems, Species and Planet Health 5. Overview of Regulatory environmental laws 6. A cursory examination of case studies