Africa First Digital Law School

Building Young Legal Icons for the Global Market

ALBS is proud to pioneer Africa’s first digital law school. The platform offers a rare opportunity for young Africans to acquire the best legal education from some of the top law schools in the world while solving real-life business and economic issues that affect their own continent.

The mission of ALBS Digital Law School is to provide access to the best, quality clinical legal education to young Africans while also connecting them with global opportunities and employment. ALBS offers a dynamic, top-notch learning environment for young Africans on their own soil. We draw a successful, cohort that is interested in changing their lives and continent both personally and professionally.

Get qualified as a global lawyer and be empowered to practice in multiple jurisdictions.

Get qualified as a global lawyer and be empowered to practice in multiple jurisdictions.
ALBS connects global legal education and opportunities to build young Africans to become global lawyers whose contributions will be inevitable in rewriting the African story
ALBS provides young Africans with the unique opportunity to train and qualify as global lawyers. Whether you wish to bar the U.S. bar exam or to qualify as a Solicitor in England and Wales through the SQE or QLTS or better still, get Multiple-license in two or more jurisdictions. Whatever your needs, ALBS students are empowered and marched with global opportunities for internship and employment.

A Comprehensive Curriculum that integrates clinical Legal Education with Tech and Business Skills

Our curriculum is designed to address current economic and political trends, and their impacts on businesses. Our students are empowered with the necessary skills and insight to provide practical and proactive solutions to resolve modern-day and future challenges of businesses.
Drawing from the skills and erudition of a world-class faculty comprising leading academics in some of the Ivy League institutions around the world with the expertise of global business leaders who have led Fortune 500 companies or built their own Unicons, our students are challenged by the latest thinking and best practices across multi-disciplinary areas including leadership, strategy, management, marketing, finance, and technology. ALBS is set to build a new phase of the African legal industry.

Where ever you are, we will be there with you

With partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations with leading universities around the world, ALBS is pioneering a new thinking in the training and development of young African lawyers. Our extensive network allows ALBS to share its knowledge and tested teaching techniques with lawyers, law graduates, and law students around the globe.
Although our reach is global, ALBS is available to you on a local level, and can always reach you whenever you need us.

Online, In-Person, or a combination of both: learn your way

As the various technological innovations orchestrate a paradigm shift in our world, ALBS is committed to training a new set of African lawyers who will provide a proactive response to the disruptions. 

Whether you want to be licensed to practice in one jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions, we will be there for you and provide easy access to achieve your goals on your terms whether you choose to study 100% online, in person, or a combination of both. 


As Africa’s first digital law school, not only will you gain theoretical knowledge in specific areas of the law, but you will also be offered a chance to apply the knowledge gained to your current business environment, a legal/legal tech startup, or a social cause.

You will pick a specific area of specialization and develop a legal business idea from the inception stage to the launch stage, leveraging the resources of our program and faculty, your classmates, and alumni connections.

Your involvement in the project will provide you the opportunity to do things in ways you might never have thought of before, whether your goal is to further your career within a major corporation or to give you the self-assurance to strike out on your own.

Alumni Experience

The benefits of ALBS extend your research beyond the transformative academic program we offer. By joining any of our programs, you will be a part of a remarkable network of high-achieving global lawyers. The Digital Law School alumni are among the most qualified and insightful in the international legal market.

Career support

ALBS will continuously provide career support services to help students and graduates successfully take the next step along their chosen path, or to assist in planning new professional pathways.

ALBS legal programs, in addition, include activities such as career webinars, professional development events, International Internships and networking opportunities with global coaches. After graduation, ALBS alumni can continuously access career services from the Digital Law School.

Lifelong learning

All ALBS alumni have access to free resources and training on specific and growing areas of the law throughout the rest of their careers.

This unique feature means alumni members can be up to date with the latest information and resources.

Alumni Experience

The ALBS experience go beyond just the transformational academic program. You can gain access to a great network of successful international legal and commercial professionals by participating in the ALBS experience.. ALBS is supported by some of the most celebrated global leaders in the international legal market


“The ESQ Executive programmes provides you with an extensive insight into the various legal and economic topics in International Dispute Resolution. Along with that comes the great experience of learning about how to manage controversies in other cultures from most experienced, international faculty and colleagues as well as the opportunity of broadening your international network.”  

Akin Olagbende, ACIArb, General Counsel at Amperion Power Distribution Company Limited

“This has been my best training experience ever! Perfect course format and in depth. The faculty’s dedication made it an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. The class comprised of small group of strongly motivated students from all works of life. The entire programme was excellent combination of professional training, social networking and fun. Highly recommended, for professionals from all works of life.”

Mrs Folashade Adetona, Private Legal Practitioner and Company Secretary

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