How we work with you

How we work with you

1. Initial inquiry
Your enquiry will be directed immediately to one of our training consultants for a no-obligation short consultation and fact-gathering discussion detailing a ‘ball park’ quote or estimate of the trainings. It must be stressed that this is just a guideline as after a more in-depth consultation, a more accurate costing can be presented based on the agreed programme.
We place great emphasis on this stage as, from experience, our consultants and the client find that the original training need can change and develop during this part of the process, sometimes drastically so.

2. The consultation process
We employ a variety of methods to ensure we understand exactly what training or consultancy services you require. After the initial meeting / call with our training consultant, A face-to-face meeting or conference call with our trainer is recommended. We can also employ the use of confidential web-based questionnaires, which are developed with the client, created and sent from a secure server, password protected, from our offices.
3. The proposal

Once your needs have been established, our training development consultant will put forward a detailed training calendar or proposal on the best solution for your organisation. The proposed programme could range from a one-day update to a more involved solution, including face-to-face training, on-line and one-to-one coaching depending on your needs. This can take the form of a personal presentation to the client or as a written proposal. Once the proposal has been agreed and the contract signed, the real work can start!
4. The delivery

Our client services team will liaise with you to manage the implementation of the project. At this stage more information gathering may occur to define the expectations/experience of the participants. The use of 360 profiling has proven a popular and productive source of information gathering, providing invaluable data, which helps our trainers develop a first class training solution.
The training can be delivered either at your organisation or an external venue such as a hotel or training rooms of your choice. If an external venue is required this can be organized by yourself, or we can arrange it for you. ESQ will provide all the course materials needed to complete the training. Post-course evaluation can be carried out either by written feedback or through our online questionnaire service. For a longer programme of development this can be carried out intermittently throughout the programme.

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