In-house Training Details

ESQ specialises in the development and delivery of customised courses that run at our clients’ sites. As leading firm for tailored made trainings in Nigeria, we align courses to focus on your unique needs and challenges.
Ensuring our clients are provided with targeted in-house training with an emphasis on practical application in the workplace is both cost-effective and time efficient.
Keeping up to date with legal changes helps maximise efficiency and ensures compliance with new regulations. We also monitor emerging market trends to assess and advise upon how developments may impact upon our clients.
We work in partnership with our clients to develop their skills and knowledge in relation to the legal environment. We provide regular seminars for clients on a variety of topical issues. In addition we offer bespoke training programmes designed to meet clients’ specific requirements.
Our capability:
• Seminars delivered by specialist lawyers who are experts in their fields
• Relevant and practical for effective application in the workplace
• Cross-sector topics covering the full range of specialist areas
• Support, help and professional advice
• Transparent, competitive, fixed fee
• Effective training to maximise operational and personnel efficiency and reduce overall spend
• Full complement of support to include training information pack
• Evaluation and feedback
• Flexible to suit your needs
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited courses
Training can be sector specific or relate to a particular area. We cover a broad range of topics
Through robust proven processes and high level design capabilities, we are able to take our clients from where they are today to where they ultimately want to be, thus giving them a critical edge in today’s increasingly challenging market.
_ We understand your business. For over 5 years ESQ has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to educating Legal, Energy/Oil and Gas and financial services to professionals. We know what it takes to help you thrive in the good times and navigate through the bad ones!
_ Our training solutions are aligned to your business. The days of off-the-shelf training are long gone. ESQ ensures that every programme we deliver for our clients is customised and aligned to focus on your critical business issues.
_ Our methods have been tested rigorously by the best in the industry. We have been researching, designing and delivering cutting edge solutions for over 5 years. We’ve trained your peers, colleagues and competitors across Nigeria, Dubai and UK.
_ An industry faculty without equal. The ESQ faculty is comprised of some of the sectors most knowledgeable thought leaders, who have “been there and done it”. Theory is fine, but in today’s market you need practical “real-world” skills. That’s exactly what our faculty delivers – every time!
_ We can be wherever you need us, whenever you need us. ESQ can deliver programmes in every corner of the globe through are various alliances with International training institutions.
_ Big or small we’ll deliver every time. Whether you are training a small team of five or are looking for a larger corporate initiative across multiple countries, we have the skills, experience and capacity to deliver results for you on every level.
_ We save you money. In-company programmes impact your bottom line in two ways. The courses are so practically focused they have an almost immediate impact on the skills of those being trained. By training in-company you make profound savings on the cost compared to conventional approaches. No travel costs, reduced time away from the business – you can quickly see why organisations are realising the value of in-company programmes.
_ If it doesn’t exist – we’ll create it for you. ESQ excels in designing highly unique courses from scratch. Whatever your business challenges may be, talk to us and together we’ll develop a bespoke solution that will deliver the results you need.
If you would like one of our consultants to meet with you to talk about your needs in more detail or if you would simply like more information as to how you’ll benefit from our in-company programmes, please contact
Lere Fashola
Chief Consultant
Chidinma Agu
Team Lead Training