Advanced Trade Secrets 2022: New Risks, New Challenges, New Ideas

Webinar date 21 April 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 623689
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OVERVIEW Trade secrets can be among an organization’s most valuable assets – when you know how to identify, protect, and safely share them. Trade secrets law can protect cutting edge new technologies, improvements to mature technologies, and a host of valuable technical and strategic information in between. But misappropriation and claims of misappropriation can derail an organization’s business. This webinar is To maximize value and reduce risk from trade secrets, organizations must stay on top of the latest developments LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. What can go wrong: how inside and outside counsel can assess and manage the first days of a trade secret dispute 2. What can go right: leveraging trade secrets to build and enhance enterprise value 3. Seeing around corners: emerging trade secret issues in mergers and acquisitions and new industries as we return to work 4. Why you may need to think about criminal prosecution when litigating civil trade secret cases