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In 2019, the streaming giant Netflix released just over one new title every day on an average translating to about 371 new T.V shows, Documentaries or movies which amounted to a 54.6% increase from the previous year 2018. Apart from Netflix other competitors, like Amazon Prime video, Hotstar, Voot Disney+ and Apple TV+ , have been active in the global content market. With local companies like IrokoTV, Africa Magic, LibraTV, Ebony Live TV, Filmone, Genesis Cinema and many others creating original content globally, for satellite television and cinema, and the global spread of digital music and video. From concerts, to TV shows, to sporting events, Films, Music production, every form of entertainment today is guided by legal agreements. The Entertainment Sector no doubt has created a huge market for lawyers. This three-day Virtual Academy will be invaluable in increasing delegates’ knowledge and understanding of the working of the Media and Entertainment Industry. Key legal and contractual issues will be taught so as to empower delegates with the ability to solve practical problems. Practical workshop sessions will help the class to discuss real life issues from ongoing or completed projects in Nigeria, US, Dubai, South Africa, UK , and other parts of Africa.