Issues in legal Privilege and Professional Secrecy

Webinar date 17 May 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 689034
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OVERVIEW This webinar will prepare counsel to protect confidential business communications during investigations, discovery, depositions, and litigation through the proper exercise of the attorney-client privilege. The panel will discuss issues that arise regarding business advice versus legal advice, discoverable facts versus privileged communications, proving the applicability of attorney-client privilege, and other critical topics. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. What procedures may a counsel take to ensure that the attorney-client privilege is maintained in specific communications? 2. What are the attorney-client privilege’s limitations and exceptions? 3. What is the difference between discoverable facts and privileged communications? 4. What are the best practices for a counsel to distinguish between legal and business advice? 5. How can a counsel prepare to deal with concerns of privilege that emerge during depositions?