Taxation of Financial Products & Transactions 2022

Webinar date 22 February 2022 1:00 PM
Password: 993007
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OVERVIEW Nigerian taxpayers may be forced to accept new tax policies, such as TaxPROMAX and the E-Naira, while multinational corporations must deal with new constraints on their ability to design tax-efficient structures. Furthermore, financial institutions continue to face new tax issues, with the FIRS and other tax authorities preparing systematic challenges to taxpayers who cross the line, raising interesting issues for discussion. This webinar will assist attendees in understanding the impact of these new developments on the taxation of financial products and transactions, as well as familiar topics such as the age-old debt equity distinction. LEARNING OUTCOME 1. What to expect from the FIRS’s new compliance initiative focused on inbound lending 2. Cutting-edge topics and controversies involving the E-Naira 3. Approaching debt-equity issues from the lender’s perspective 4. Sophisticated tax planning for multinational corporations in the world today 5. Current issues in the taxation of banks (and their clients)